Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Before and Afters

The first picture was taken a week before starting Xngular. The second two weeks into the program. I haven't done any excerise yet because I wanted to see if it would really work. This week I am adding an excercise program.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Matthew and Alyssa Wedding

Matthew and Alyssas Wedding

The Rescue

Life Guard Rescue

More Pics More LInks


Universal Studios


We went to my brother Matthews wedding in California end of February. While there we took the kids to Sea World, and Universal Studios than stopped on the way home at Circus Circus in Las Vegas. There are too many pictures to post so I have included a link so you can view them if you would like. While there we also went to the beach where three of the kids with us were caught in a rip tide and had to be "rescued" by the lifeguards. These pictures are also on here.

Sea World

So many pictures to post so heres the link

Sea World

More Circus Circus

Pictures of Circus Circus in Las Vegas


We are finally living in the house we remodeled (Have been since November 2011) I'm really bad at making updates and even worse at pictures but I will try to get some of the house and post them. Thanks to everyone who helped us get this far! It has been a long journey and we still have much to do but at least it is livable.

Update on diet

So week one went ok I didn't measure so I don't know how many inches lost. But I did lose 7 1/2 pounds!! I am getting to start again tomorrow and try to get the measurements done first! I am loving how much energy I hav will I don't eat everything in sight. This round I will be adding the excercise back into the plan and hoping for even greater success.